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Grant & Brady

Grant & Brady are one of the longest serving accounting firms in the Tweed Valley.

Our office in Murwillumbah, NSW has been open since 1951. We take pride in upholding strict professional standards and keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world of taxation to ensure we achieve the best possible result for you.

Our principals and staff are highly qualified, experienced professionals. We are a CPA firm.  Certified Practising Accountants are held in high regard throughout the world because a CPA member is equipped with skills that set them apart from other accountants.

While our office is based in the beautiful Tweed Valley, we have clients from all around the country, including small, medium and large businesses in a wide spectrum of industries such as agriculture, hospitality, retail, trades, professional and medical services.

We want to see our clients succeed and will do everything we can to support you and your business. Many small business owners struggle to manage their business as well as the sometimes onerous taxation reporting requirements, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. We utilise industry leading accounting software for optimal efficiency which benefits our clients in so many ways.


The current practice of Grant & Brady stemmed from the early days when Charles W Beer, a chartered accountant, practiced above the old ‘Austral’ building in the corner of Commercial Road and Wollumbin Street in Murwillumbah.


In 1951 CW Beer admitted into partnership David Campbell and Clem Hunting and began operating under the name of CW Beer Partners. The firm moved into newly constructed premises in Main Street, Murwillumbah above the Tweed Fruit Exchange, where Grant & Brady operate today.


The first name change of CW Beer Partners was in June 1977 when Damien Jenkins and Stephen Bright entered the partnership with Clem Hunting and the firm’s name was changed to Hunting, Jenkins and Bright.


The name of Hunting, Jenkins and Bright was changed again in 1983 on the departure of Damien Jenkins and the firm then practiced under the name of Hunting and Bright.


In 1986 Ronald Ford was admitted as a partner with Stephen Bright and Clem Hunting.

The firm continued to practice under the name Hunting and Bright after the retirement of Clem Hunting as a partner in 1986, although Clem was retained as a full-time consultant of the firm.


In 1989 Peter Grant and John Kerrison were admitted as partners and continued practicing under the name of Hunting and Bright.


In 1994 Stephen Bright and Ron Ford retired and a new partnership was formed between existing partners Peter Grant and John Kerrison with the addition of Bryan Threlfall. The firm began practicing under the name of Grant, Kerrison and Threlfall and shortly after Clem Hunting announced his retirement. Although retired, Clem would routinely drop in on a Wednesday morning to catch-up with the partners and staff for a cup of tea before heading off to play golf.  Clem would also attend our Christmas lunches each year until he passed away in 2018.


After the tragic death of John Kerrison in 2002, Peter Grant and Bryan Threlfall continued to practice under the name of Grant, Kerrison and Threlfall. Not long after, the decision was made to consolidate the practice and close the Kingscliff office which had been operating for many years.


The most recent name change was made in 2006 when Peter Grant and Stuart Brady went into partnership and began practicing under the name of Grant & Brady. This coincided with the retirement of Bryan Threlfall as a partner, who continued as a consultant until he sadly passed away in November 2018.

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